Website Design Portfolio

     RAMS Web Design would like to thank you for taking the time to view our client websites examples on our website portfolio. The examples below include pictures and descriptions of work that we have completed for other clients. We work with clients from many different walks of life, and every website we create is important to us. We make sure the website design shows our passion for the creation we are making for our clients. We take pride in producing a nice looking website for our clients, but more importantly producing a site that is functional and improves the internet presence of the company it represents. 

     Each website is created taking into account the brand that the website is going to represent. It is important to us that we have business owner input and that we help the business owner put their image onto a website. As more people are using their mobile devices for their complete internet needs, RAMS Web Design makes sure all of the websites we create have mobile responsiveness included. We look forward to speaking with you about how we can help you improve your business goals and presence on the internet, and once we have completed the website, adding your website to this page. 

This is a website that we put together for a very large travel agency.  It was for one of their upcoming events and will only be in use for a specified amount of time.  We performed three revisions on the site so we could make sure it was exactly what the client wanted.  We will continue to monitor and maintain the site and make required changes as the time ticks down for this event.  So whether we do a site to represent your entire company, a small area inside your organization, or a project with a limited scope we will spend the time to make sure it is what you want.

Here is another site that we completed for the same travel agency.  This one is a full time representation of one of the resorts that they partner with. The website  provides information about  vacationing at a specific resort.  We work very closely with our clients to insure we get detailed and accurate information about the product(s) or information that is presented to the site viewer.

This is another site designed for a travel agency.  We continue to work with this travel agency to maintain their site as needed. We make sure that their site is secure and is constantly up dated with the most recent, stable updates.  We also monitor, track, and adjust their SEO configuration to improve their ranking with all major search engines.

This is a site that was created for a local hair stylist.  The hairstylist has been in business for many years and has a full schedule of clients. She wanted the website created to promote her charity organization. The client did not have a website that was tied to her social media, so we worked with the client to tie the website in with all their social media platforms.  

This is a site we completed for a landscape company that has been in business for two years. The company had a website created buy a previous website designer, but the company was not happy with the end result. We went into the site and redesigned it so there were no broken links, the website worked well on various platforms, and adjusted the site for responsiveness. We also configured the website so it was connected to social media and was more user friendly.

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