RAMS Web Design was founded by Robert and Sharee McCutchen.  It came about by trial and error from needing web services from other companies.  After two years of searching for a company that would work at the level of expectation we wanted.  We were looking for a company that could create a brand awareness for another company we own.  After trial and error we discovered the best results came from our own work.  we designed a website, social media products and started SEO services on our own product.  After a year we learned what it took to create an inspirational website that actually moved up the rankings of Google.  After that success, we decided to try the same philosophy with another brand, and it climbed and gained awareness too.  After that RAMS Web Design was born.

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The Web Design Process We Use

Consultation – we meet with potential clients and listen to their needs.  Create a proposal that is based on those client needs.  Using project management tools, we work to create an amazing client experience.  Once the meetings are finished and decisions are made, the development starts.  with the help of our experience and project management we create an amazing finished product.

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